Digital Skin Analysis

VISIA®VISIA® is a digital diagnostics tool that uses multi-spectral photographic imaging to identify problem areas of your complexion.

VISIA® is able to provide accurate clinical measurements of most skin concerns and irregularities by processing digital images in the following ways:

– Cross polarized flash
– UV digital Imaging
– Standard white light

Using this multi spectral imaging, VISIA® is then able to accurately measure both surface and sub-surface irregularities and identify problem areas such as:

VISIA® - Digital Skin Analysis– Photo Damage
– UV Spots
– Vascular lesions
– Wrinkles
– Texture and colour variation
– Porphyrins (acne causing bacteria)
– Unevenness
– Dermal pigmentation
– Pores

VISIA® will also provide a comparison of your personal skin characteristics to a database of other men and women of your age and ethnicity.

Consultations take about 45 minutes in order for our aestheticians to provide you with a full digital diagnosis and evaluation report and is suitable for patients of all ages.

VISIA® is a photo-therapy session so you will not experience any discomfort.

We encourage you to make an appointment for your Digital Skin Analysis. This is a vital part of how LaserClear Dermal Clinic will create a personalized facial rejuvenation program for you.

Take your first step towards optimal skin renewal. Contact LaserClear Dermal Clinic today to schedule a VISIA® Complexion Analysis.

To encourage as many individuals as possible to undergo a VISIA diagnosis, we only charge R180 which includes a personalized skin evaluation and report. All imaging thereafter in order to evaluate your progress is absolutely FREE.